Ani is a licensed and practicing Speech Language Pathologist living in Sherman Oaks, CA. She has worked in several school districts as a Speech Language Pathologist with case loads of high profile children diagnosed with Autism and multiple disabilities for the past 2 ½ years. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in May 2009 and a Master of Arts, in Communicative Sciences and Disorders in July 2012 at Hampton University. Growing up in Woodland Hills, CA. Ani started training and became an accomplished gymnast by the sixth grade. It was during these formative years and subsequent training that helped her become an elite athlete but she also really learned her way around the gym.

Ani has always had compassion and empathy for others. She served in several programs at church and during school that helped underprivileged and underserved communities. Having a passion for others and children is what led her to a career in Speech Language Pathology.

One day while working out with Coach Kee, She was introduced to the concept of We Rock The Spectrum Gym. Immediately contacting Dina and setting up their first of many meetings, they became fast friends and Dina encouraged Ani to consider taking on an ownership role in a We Rock gym. It didn’t take much encouragement Ani was all in.

Now, as the proud owner of WRTS Pasadena, Ani is looking forward to the future and every smile it brings to the many children of We Rock the Spectrum Pasadena.